Arthur Melo Failed at Liverpool, Juventus Worried?
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Arthur Melo Failed at Liverpool, Juventus Worried?

Arthur Melo Failed at Liverpool, Juventus Worried? |

Federico Pastorello, agent of Arthur Melo, assured the public that his customer would not withdraw from the Premier League. Before recording appearances at all. The person concerned at the same time clarifies the outstanding issues. The Brazilian midfielder will return to Juventus after not satisfying Liverpool physically.

In the transfer request last summer, Liverpool brought Arthur on a loan contract. At that time, Arthur wasn’t by good shape because he got a rain injury. Where one of them requires major surgery that takes a long time to recover. In addition, problems with the ankle at the morning of 2022/2023 make it natural that it can’t be distributed as fit.

So, since wharf at Anfield, Arthur has yet to get his debut in the Premier League. Liverpool only played it in the titleholders League against Napoli in early September. Where, he only played 13 twinkles from the bench. No wonder also rumors arise if Liverpool want to return him to Juventus more snappily in the downtime transfer request. Pastorello incontinently disbanded the rumors. Because he knows veritably well that Arthur Melo is still determined to fight for his place at the club at this time.

Arthur Melo isn’t Liverpool’s main target

Arthur Melo Failed at Liverpool, Juventus Worried?
Arthur Melo joined Liverpool just hours before the summer transfer window closed.

” The first many weeks are a natural time for Arthur Melo to acclimatize and recover physically,” Federico Pastorello told Mirror Football.

Pastorello also revealed that the whole team really likes Arthur Melo. Just to give the stylish performance, Arthur is willing to exercise during the leaves. Pastorello believes Arthur will show his capability at 100. still, Arthur is actually not Liverpool’s main target in the transfer request, If I am honest. The Reds only inked him because there was a midfield extremity.

The deal with Juventus was also just completed on the deadline day. Because after looking for only theex-Barcelona who was willing to be released but was judged to still have a little quality. The Biancioneri since last season have wanted to let him go but haven’t set up a club willing to bid. Even though he now has a character for glass legs, Arthur is still far from finished considering he’s only 26 times old.

There’s still a chance for him to move Liverpool if they aren’t incorrect. There’s a endless buyout clause in the contract with Juventus and if the performance is satisfactory it isn’t insolvable that it’ll be actuated incontinently.


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