Are bad players hateful, or are you taking it too seriously?
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Are bad players hateful, or are you taking it too seriously?

Are bad players hateful, or are you taking it too seriously?

The phenomenon of bad performance in e-sports games can never be finished, and the discussion is extremely high. In many e-sports games, the phenomenon of bad performance is rampant, and the glory of the king is well-deserved. In the past, players hated idle players the most. I really don’t understand why they would quit the game during the game. Shouldn’t they make sure that their environment is safe to play the game before they come to qualifying?

If it’s pure entertainment, the game time is still limited, why don’t you play entertainment mode or matching mode, at least it won’t have a huge impact if you lose. After all, everyone is here to practice heroes and try their skills. Hanging up in qualifying is a heinous crime, because You wasted the stars that your teammate just worked so hard to win back for half an hour. This game is given to the opponent for nothing. Who would not be discouraged?

reopen mechanism

King of Glory has been launched without knowing it for seven years. During this period, the matching mechanism has been continuously optimized, and even a restart mechanism has been added when selecting heroes. You can discuss with your teammates to choose four shooters or mages to restart the game. It is always better to start the game hard. Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, you will go to the tigers. If you lose, no one will gain. Restarting the next game is a good thing.

Hang up players are forgotten, bad players become the biggest cancer

Well, the phenomenon of hanging up has finally changed. It is no longer a hateful thing. It should be said that players have already adapted and become insensitive. There are all kinds of players in the canyon, but now they are replaced by bad players, and teammates hate this kind of players.

After entering the game, I play qualifying with the mood of playing casually, follow my own mood, and ignore my teammates. One star, why are these players so bad? Is there any reason to convince yourself to be bad?

Calm down first, people who hold this kind of thinking, you may be wrong, yes King of Glory is indeed a competitive game, as the name suggests, it contains game elements, games are entertainment, I think no player wants to lose In the competition, let them form this unacceptable “bad performance” behavior, which may have to return to the problem of the game itself.


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