Apriyani and Fadia resolution: 1st place in the world at the end of 2023
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Apriyani and Fadia resolution: 1st place in the world at the end of 2023

Apriyani and Fadia's resolution: 1st place in the world at the end of 2023
Apriyani and Fadia resolution for 2023 sets high goals. The women’s doubles team, which has consistently performed for Indonesia, is focused on ending the year as the best in the world. The couple Apriyani/Fadia just started as a couple in 2022. They proved this achievement by bringing home a number of trophies.
They made their debut at the 2021 Southeast Asian Games. Where they immediately won the gold medal for Indonesia. After that, Apriyani and Fadia won the Malaysia Open and Singapore Open 2022. But that’s not all; Last December, they also managed to appear in the BWF World Tour Finals.

Thanks to their series of wins, Apriyani and Fadia rose to 11th in the world rankings in the women’s doubles category. After having a successful year in 2022, Apriyani has set herself a target to be in the top five in 2023. Even so, Fadia’s resolution is still looking for more. Fadia wants to aim for the first position at the end of this year.
“We want the ratings to increase once again. I have set a goal for myself to finish in the top five this year. Because I want there to be attraction for both of us. If it’s just like playing, then it looks like something is missing. So, that’s the closing of the pull,” said Apriyani to the media crew.
“Before the top five is All England, first place is the end of the year,” said Fadia.

Apriyani and Fadia resolution wants to be ranked 1st in the world

The hope that Fadia has is shared by Apriyani. Greysia Polii’s former partner has high hopes for their performance in this year’s competition. In addition, he emphasized that he would try his best in the upcoming series of competitions in the near future.
“Amen, just pray that our desire to improve ourselves never goes out. We intend to appreciate everything that is available to us in the hope that Fadia will be more confident in 2023. We have a growing awareness of issues that need attention, and I share this perspective too, “said Apriyani.

“In the future there will be the All England Championship and the Asian Games, both of which are taking place before our eyes. There is the Open in Malaysia, the Open in India, and the Indonesia Masters tournament. We are committed to give our absolute best efforts to maintain our achievements “Ultimately, he said.
This coming year will start with the appearance of Apriyani/Fadia at the Malaysia Open 2023 which will take place on January 10-15. They will open the tournament with matches against Lee Chia Hsin and Teng Chung Hsun from Chinese Taipei.

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