Appearing Epic at the 2022 World Cup, 5 Footballers Who Can Switch Clubs in the January 2023 Winter Transfer Market
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Appearing Epic at the 2022 World Cup, 5 Footballers Who Can Switch Clubs in the January 2023 Winter Transfer Market

The winter transfer market will start in January 2023 or after the end of the 2022 World Cup. Performing well at the World Cup with a number of other players has made the club interested in signing him. The following athletes are rumored to be moving in significant transfers following the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup.

The World Cup is, in a sense, a separate stage where players can show what they are capable of. This is very similar to what happened to James Rodriguez and Keylor Navas. After their excellent performance in the 2014 World Cup, Real Madrid made the decision to sign them right then and there.

It is a well-known fact that the market value of players who are able to show strong play while competing in the World Cup will increase significantly. It is predicted that many 2022 World Cup players will receive exorbitant offers after the tournament. After returning from Qatar, which players are most likely to make the transfer market?

Players Transferring in the 2023 Winter Transfer Market

1. Ritsu Doan

Appearing Epic at the 2022 World Cup, 5 Footballers Who Can Switch Clubs in the January 2023 Winter Transfer Market

This time at the 2022 World Cup, one of the teams that has performed very well is the Japanese national team. It is estimated that several of Samurai Blue’s star players will attract the attention of several top European clubs.

Ritsu Doan is a name that has been getting a lot of attention lately. He signed a retainer contract with one of the clubs in the Bundesliga, Freiburg.

Many people were attracted by Ritsu Doan’s performance during the World Cup matches against Germany and Spain. The 24-year-old player made a very significant contribution.

Even if it only appears as a super sub or drop in the last few minutes. Ritsu Doan is expected to be monitored by a number of Europe’s top clubs.

2. Hakim Ziyech

During the summer of 2016, there were rumors that Hakim Ziyech would move from Chelsea to another club. However, it is known that Ziyech did not collect the case from London as expected.

Ziyech is still an important player on the Chelsea bench at Stamford Bridge. So far this season, he has only participated in seven different competitions in all appearances.

Hakim Ziyech does not appear to be part of Graham Potter’s plans for Chelsea at the moment. The Moroccan player has a good chance of moving from Chelsea in January 2023 for a sizable transfer fee.

The reason is, Hakim Ziyech became one of the players who appeared extraordinary to bring Morocco to the semifinals. Atlas Lions’ win over Belgium in the group stage was highlighted by a very impressive performance from Hakim Ziyech.

3. Coady Gakpo

Appearing Epic at the 2022 World Cup, 5 Footballers Who Can Switch Clubs in the January 2023 Winter Transfer Market

Cody Gakpo has put in an excellent form so far in the 2022 World Cup. The PSV Eindhoven players were already making a strong impression before the Netherlands lost to Argentina in the quarter-finals.

After the 2022 World Cup ends, this multitalented player will see very significant changes.

Since the summer transfer market a year ago, everyone seems to be talking about Cody Gakpo. It is believed that Gakpo’s price will continue to soar due to his slick performance at the 2022 World Cup.

The 23-year-old striker scored the first goal in the Netherlands’ 2-0 win over Senegal. Gakpo scored one goal in each of the other two matches in the group stage consistently.

Players with a tag of 30 million pounds (Rp. 567 billion) have the potential to become a hot-selling commodity in the transfer market next winter. Until now, Manchester United (MU) is superior in the competition for the player’s services.

4. Yasin Bounou

Morocco surprised many of the tournament’s top teams, including Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Yassine Bounou, the Morocco goalkeeper, is considered one of the heroes of the 2020 tournament.

The Sevilla goalkeeper, who is now 31 years old, will again enliven the list of players in the upcoming transfer market. Yassine Bounou has conceded 19 goals in 12 games while maintaining a 70% save record.

His play for the Moroccan national team in the 2022 World Cup should earn him a standing ovation for his efforts. The Canadian-born player won two of their first three matches in the group stage. As well as keeping a clean sheet every time.

Yassine Bounou again appeared as a key hero in Morocco’s victory over Spain. Reportedly, both Aston Villa and Manchester United are interested in acquiring the services of Yassine Bounou. Bounou’s current contract with Sevilla includes a release clause. And an offer of £25 million can trigger that clause.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of the players in the 2022 World Cup who has made the most money. Manchester United paid him USD 100 million which is equivalent to IDR 1.57 trillion.

However, Ronaldo is no longer employed at Old Trafford as Manchester United sacked him some time ago. On Transfermarkt, CR7’s value has dropped to just 20 million Euros at the moment.

On the other hand, news recently circulated that Ronaldo has agreed a fantastic contract with one of the Arab clubs, Al-Nassr. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup, reports indicated that the player would join Al-Nassr.

According to the same source, Ronaldo’s new contract will keep his annual salary of £173 million until the summer of 2025.

These five football players are reported to have made significant moves in the transfer market after the 2022 World Cup. Waiting for who will get a fantastic price in the January 2023 transfer market.


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