Amazing Record! | Erling Haaland Scored 25 Goals in 20 UCL Games! | 77577sports
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Amazing Record! | Erling Haaland Scored 25 Goals in 20 UCL Games! | 77577sports

Norwegian star Erling Haaland set a spectacular record in the first game in the Champions League. The 22-year-old is the only star to score 25 goals in 20 games. In yesterday’s Champions League Group G opener, Haaland contributed two goals to help Manchester City beat Sevilla in La Liga 4-0.

What’s even more shocking is that Haaland managed to score on his debut in the Champions League for three different teams. In September 2019, Haaland made his Champions League debut for Red Bull Salzburg scoring an immediate Hat-trick. In February 2020, Haaland represented Dortmund against Paris Saint-Germain who contributed 2 goals.

Haaland has scored another goal in every Premier League and Champions League game for Manchester City. Kevin de Bruyne has an important role as an assist that helps Haaland in scoring goals. De Bruyne and Haaland have great chemistry. This is evident in Two goals against West Ham, one assist against Bornemouth, one goal against Newcastle, three goals against Crystal Palace, 3 goals against Nottingham Forest, one goal against Aston Villa and two goals against Sevilla.

Kevin de Bruyne fully supports Haaland to get better after another stunning goalscoring display for Manchester City. Even Manchester City coach Guardiola praised Haaland for having an extraordinary goal-scoring touch.

In Manchester City’s Champions League group game against Sevilla, De Bruyne once again showed that Haaland and himself have connected minds. In this match, Haaland and De Bruyne gave an outstanding performance. De Bruyne got his 5th assist of the season, and 3 of those were assists for Haaland.

Guardiola said in an interview after the game that he hopes the team can maintain an efficient shooting data, and also hopes Haaland can continue to score goals.


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