Allegri praised the team’s excellent performance, it was a good game
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Allegri praised the team’s excellent performance, it was a good game

In the 10th round of Serie A , Juventus defeated Turin 1-0 , ending a two-game losing streak. Juventus coach Allegri was interviewed after the game.

For this game, Allegri said that the players proved that Juventus are a strong collective and play well-organized in the game. It was a very good game and he was happy to see the players perform so well.

However, Allegri did not let up with a victory, saying they now have to do all the work, do it themselves, and no one will give them anything for nothing. The performance of the team made him very happy, they played very seriously. He also said they could have taken better advantage of some opportunities, which could be improved in the future. Allegri also praised the performance of the strikers and the team.

For Vlahovic’s strength, Allegri said there is no doubt. In addition to scoring goals, Vlahovic’s technical level is completely different from the previous two games, and he has also made a great contribution to the team. And he is only 27 years old, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Now that the training camp is over, they will all go home tonight to rest and celebrate with their families.


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