Allegri faces the crisis of dismissal, Montero is a potential coach candidate
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Allegri faces the crisis of dismissal, Montero is a potential coach candidate

After Juventus lost 0-1 to Monza, Allegri is one step closer to dismissal.

In the seventh round of the 2022/23 Serie A season, 10-player Juventus lost 0-1 to Monza and is currently only 8th in the standings. After the game, the voices calling for Allegri to resign were unprecedentedly high, which greatly shook the trust of Juventus executives in the coach.

Giovanni Albanese, a Juventus team reporter now at Gazzetta dello Sport, said the defeat against Monza further weakened Allegri‘s position, with former Juventus player Montero seen as an “urgent option”. Even though Juventus CEO Arrivabene publicly supported Allegri before the game, saying that sacking Allegri was “completely crazy” and “looking for a scapegoat”, Monza’s victory was a blow to Juventus.

Albanese also learned that although Allegri has a crisis of confidence in the team, he is not in danger of being dismissed. Fabiana de la Valle, who is also a journalist with Juventus, also corroborated the news of Albanese – according to her report, although the club began to question Allegri’s coaching ability, the players were also extremely confused by the status quo. ; However, barring a major accident, Allegri will not be dismissed until the World Cup.

It is also worth mentioning that Juventus are currently struggling to keep its books balanced, and sacking Allegri would mean a huge fee.

Albanese finally pointed out that the 51-year-old former Uruguayan and Juventus center-back and current U19 youth team coach Paolo Montero is also seen as one of the potential candidates to replace Allegri, but it will not necessarily become a reality.


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