Al Rihla, 2022 World Cup Official Ball Made in Indonesia
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Al Rihla, 2022 World Cup Official Ball Made in Indonesia

Al Rihla, 2022 World Cup Official Ball Made in Indonesia

FIFA has officially chosen Al Rihla as the functionary ball for the 2022 World Cup. One of the interesting data about this ball is that Indonesia will produce it. Precisely from the megacity which has the nickname Swordsman City.

For information, Adidas has won the trust of FIFA to become the official brand for the 2022 World Cup. The brand of the ball that will be used in this event is Al Rihla.

Interestingly, PT Global Way Indonesia (GWI) gained the trust to produce Al Rihla. The plant, which is located in Madiun, East Java, entered a contract to produce 50 thousand Al Rihla balls.

Meaning of Al Rihla

The name Al Rihla is of Arabic origin which means Journey. The design is in agreement with Qatari characteristics, there are 3 colors of the flag, unique armature and iconic boats.

In plain view, Al Rihla’s combines a number of colors that form the base of its design, videlicet red, unheroic, and blue. One of the intriguing patterns is that this color combination is inspired by the Dhow boat, a traditional boat in Qatar.

The boat which is frequently used to carry heavy goods is also identical to the three colors. The Al Rihla ball product process reportedly uses high technology under strict supervision. Water- grounded essay and cement are the introductory raw accoutrements for Al Rihla’s product.

Produced in Indonesia

The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, said that the sanctioned 2022 World Cup ball was produced directly in Indonesia.

The position of manufacture is in Madiun, East Java. Through her social media regard, Khofifah had time to partake the portrayal of the Al Rihla ball.

World’s Fastest Ball

Al Rihla’s product process involves the collaboration of two of the most advanced technologies, videlicet CTR Core and Speedshell. Both technologies will make it the fastest ball in the world. The CTR Core section is an innovatively designed globular core, for added delicacy & thickness.

The manufacturer claims that Al Rihla has optimal speed. In addition, Al Rihla’s also has the stylish delicacy and the ball remains stable when it bounces in the air.

Donation to Fundraising

Al Rihla’s ball product doesn’t only take into account the marketable aspect. Because the directors also want this ball to contribute to the fundraising program.

According to the General Manager of Adidas, Nick Creggs, every one percent of Al Rihla’s ball deal will be awarded. Hopefully such a program can have a positive impact.


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