Al Nassr vs Al Taee: Ronaldo Has No Contribution, His Attitude Is Called Problematic
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Al Nassr vs Al Taee: Ronaldo Has No Contribution, His Attitude Is Called Problematic

At his new club, Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to need to be extra careful with all his actions. Inevitably, the media will highlight Ronaldo’s every action on a global scale.
The latest coverage from Corriere dello Sport focuses on Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude. Namely, during his debut match with Al Nassr in the Saudi Arabian League. In the match that took place on Friday (1/6/2023) between Al Nassr vs Al Taee, Cristiano Ronaldo was not suitable for Al Nassr.
After that, Cristiano Ronaldo went and sat in the stands to watch Al Nassr score the first goal of the game. Corriere dello Sport shows that Cristiano Ronaldo has a bad attitude. Where he walked out of the stadium early in the second half.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Attitude Is Called Problematic

This report claims that Cristiano Ronaldo did not feature again after leaving the stadium at half-time. Photos of Al Nassr, a former Manchester United player are on his social media accounts. CR7 was in the stadium locker room when his teammate’s actions came to his attention.
It can also be seen that Cristiano Ronaldo is training on a stationary bicycle. Unfortunately, he left the stadium very quickly. This reminded him of his attitude when he was still helping MU strengthen their defense. During the game, Cristiano Ronaldo left the stadium a little earlier. Mainly due to the fact that Erik Ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United let him down.
Al Nassr vs Al Taee: Ronaldo Has No Contribution, His Attitude Is Called Problematic
Manchester United finally kicked Ronaldo out. Then chose to join Al Nassr as a direct result of this case. Thankfully, Ronaldo’s arrival was accompanied by a bright smile. The final score of the match between Al Nassr and Al Taee was 2-0 in favor of Al Nassr. Talisca scored both winning goals for Al Nassr, in the 42nd and 47th minutes respectively.
After collecting 29 points thanks to the victory. Al-Nassr finds himself in a commanding position at the top of the table. The club defended by CR7 is four points ahead of Al Shabab who are in second place.

The Justification Behind Benching Ronaldo

It is common knowledge that the FA issued a ban on CR7 (English Football Federation). A fine of 50,000 Euros and a two-match ban were the punishments handed down to Cristiano Ronaldo for his offence.
This penalty was imposed due to an incident that happened to CR7 during the match between Manchester United and Everton on April 9, 2022.
The superstar has reportedly insulted the smart devices belonging to Evertonian fans. Ronaldo and Manchester United’s decision to work together resulted in a penalty being awarded.

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