Again, Darwin Nunez Makes Viral Actions Playing Badly, Embarrass Liverpool
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Again, Darwin Nunez Makes Viral Actions Playing Badly, Embarrass Liverpool

Again, Nunez Darwin Makes Viral Actions Playing Badly, Embarrass Liverpool

Darwin Nunez’s ‘bapuk’ or ‘ambyar’ movement during the Uruguay national team training session suddenly went viral on social media. The Liverpool striker has now returned to being the subject of satire for netizens. Nunez made two silly mistakes for a player who had just joined the Premier League giants Liverpool. Nunez’s ridiculous action suddenly went viral through a video that was circulating on social media.

The first mistake, Nunez made a violation of one of his squad in the struggle for the ball. However, Nunez felt that he had done nothing wrong, so he continued his actions without any regrets. After successfully controlling the ball on the right side, Nunez shot off the mark. It’s not clear whether you want to give a direct shot or to provide a pass?

Darwin Nunez gets a lot of criticism

To be sure, Darwin Nunez shot far from the target. Apart from deviating from the goal, no other player from Liverpool was able to welcome a shot from Nunez. In the end, the action drew a sharp spotlight. Netizens again gave satire to Nunez, who previously also appeared under performance with Liverpool.

“Darwin Nunez doesn’t look sharp at the training session with Uruguay,” said the account that uploaded the video of Nunez’s action.

“Still can’t understand why people compare him to Erling Haaland,” replied one netizen.

Many netizens refer to him as the incarnation of Andy Carroll, one of the failed strikers Liverpool had ever recruited.

“The player who was expected to be Luis Suarez’s successor still ended up being Andy Carroll in the show,” another netizen wrote.

Before this happened, Darwin Nunez had also been bullied by netizens for failing to score an easy goal. At that time, Liverpool won 2-1 over Ajax Amsterdam on the second matchday in the Champions League. The former Benfica striker failed to finish Mohamed Salah’s pass in the 83rd minute. Nunez, who was in a position free from obstacles, failed to score because his shot deviated from the target.

The postponement of the Chelsea vs Liverpool match in the Premier League made Darwin Nunez quicker to join the Uruguayan national team for the international break. Darwin Nunez and his squad have two test matches, namely against Iran and contra Canada. However, the long-haired striker has again drawn criticism and innuendo from netizens.


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