After Yuta Nakayama’s injury, Japan makes up for Shuto Machino in World Cup squad
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After Yuta Nakayama’s injury, Japan makes up for Shuto Machino in World Cup squad

After Yuta Nakayama withdrew from the World Cup due to injury, 23-year-old striker Shuto Machino, currently playing for Shonan Bima, was recruited by the Japan Football Association (JPA). The player expressed his gratitude for this: “I will go to Qatar with a sense of pride and responsibility to represent Japan. Thanks to all those who supported me, I hope I can repay everyone’s favor with me through the game.”

Shuto Machino is in hot form this season, with 13 goals to save Shonan Bima from being relegated to the top of the J-League local scorer list. His outstanding performance became the main reason for his selection to the 26-man roster. “Shuto Machino has scored 13 goals and is the top local scorer in the J-League this season,” Hajime Moriyasu made clear in an interview. “His dedication to all competitions is there for all to see.”

Hajime Moriyasu’s insistence on supporting newcomers is also one of the reasons for him to recruit Shuto Machino. “He still has room to grow and is a player with great potential.” Hajime Moriyasu responded when asked by reporters why he recruited Shuto Machino. “He is eager to play in the World Cup and has the ambition to succeed.”

Hajime Moriyasu is also optimistic about Shuto Machino’s use in his own tactical system. “I not only appreciate Machino’s dedication in attack, but also his role in defense. I believe that he is both an attacking option and a front-court defending option. We envisioned several games in this World Cup, considering This decision was made after considering various circumstances,” added Hajime Moriyasu in the end.

Hajime Moriyasu and his coaching team flew to Qatar ahead of schedule on the evening of the 7th, while Shuto Machino and other players playing for domestic clubs in Japan departed on the 9th. Other European players will travel to Qatar to join the Japanese team after their respective leagues this weekend.


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