After the Petition Urging to Resign, the hashtag #IwanBuleOut echoes on Social Media | 77577sports
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After the Petition Urging to Resign, the hashtag #IwanBuleOut echoes on Social Media | 77577sports

After the Petition Urging to Resign, the hashtag #IwanBuleOut echoes on Social Media

Indonesian netizens want PSSI president Mochammad Iriawan to step down from his position. Hashtag alias Iwan Bule Out has echoed on social media. This is the fate of the Kanjuruhan tragedy, Saturday (1/10/2022) night. There were 125 people who failed in a terrible incident after the Arema FC vs Persebaya Surabaya match.

Numerous Aremania failed from being tromped when they wanted to leave the colosseum. They shocked and bulled because the security forces fired tear gas into the daises. Presently, the government has formed a Joint Independent Fact- Finding Team (TGIPF). Menkopolhukam, Mahfud MD who chaired the common platoon. The establishment of the TGIPF in order to completely probe the incident that passed at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Iwan Bule Out’s hashtag echoes on social media

But ironically, until now no bone has been responsible for the Kanjuruhan Tragedy. Netizens were furious and asked Iwan Bule to step down from his position. This is a form of responsibility for the bloody incident. No wonder netizens are furious that#IwanBuleOut’s tahar echoes until now on Twitter.

” This person has the same background as the bone who fired tear gas anyway. Kanjuruhan Tragedy, incontinently Fix Indonesian Football. And appetite PSSI General Chair and Management to Abdicate,” twittered the account@aik_a *****

” Ramekeun#IwanBuleOut,” twittered@Iraha ***

” Is it time for#IwanBuleOut? In the once#EdyOut was successful. When around 19 sympathizers failed and the person concerned was forced to resign.,” tweeted@bingnb ***

According to MNC Portal Indonesia monitoring, the#IwanBuleOut hashtag has been going on since history. presently, the hashtag has circulated about,000 uploads on Twitter.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, a solicitation prompting Iwan Bule to abdicate has also been carried out. The People’s intelligencers Association (PIJAR) initiated the solicitation. As of this jotting 9.945 netizens have inked the solicitation. This number is sure to continue to grow. The target of the solicitation is,000.

But what made netizens indeed more furious was actually Iwan Bule’s answer. He refused when asked about the pressure to abdicate.

” Yes, asseveration, everyone can say anything,” he said.


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