After Darwin Nunez failed to shine! | Now Liverpool wanted to Contract Enzo Fernandez?
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After Darwin Nunez failed to shine! | Now Liverpool wanted to Contract Enzo Fernandez?

After Darwin Nunez failed to shine! | Now Liverpool wanted to Contact Enzo Fernandez?
Darwin Nunez’s failure to bring palm to Liverpool made the Reds want another Benfica player. Liverpool successfully brought in Darwin Nunez for €100 million, now the Reds dare to spend €120 million for one of the Benfica players.

Presently, Liverpool are nearly covering Benfica’s talented midfielder Enzo Fernandez. According to a report from O Jogo, the Merseyside club won’t miss the occasion to transport Fernandez if the situation allows.

Despite having just landed in Portugal from River Plate, Fernandez was suitable to steal the attention of Europe’s elite clubs. One of them is Jurgen Klopp’s club.

The midfielder started snappily with the Eagles and the Reds snappily claimed him. Jurgen Klopp’s club are formerly interested in subscribing Fernandez from River Plate. Now they want to try to bring him from Portugal.

The O Jogo review said the transfer shouldn’t be in the coming months. The Portuguese outlet wrote that Fernandez is concentrated on continuing his adaption to European football at Benfica. He loved everything the Eagles had to offer him and was in no rush to get out.

The player’ knew’ there were other clubs following him, and that is where O Jogo brought Liverpool. Claiming the Reds are one of those who’ do not rule out’ subscribing him in the’ short or medium term’.

The big belief is that neither Fernandez and Benfica will accept January moves. So that is a reason for interested clubs to stay at least until coming summer.

The Argentina transnational has a release clause of over to€ 120 million. The Reds camp must be willing to make up for that number if they want their team to be strengthened by the figure of Fernandez.

Liverpool feel to like Benfica players recently.

In the transfer request last summer, Liverpool managed to secure the hand of implicit striker Darwin Nunez worth 100 million euros. Unfortunately, Nunez has so far frequently drawn review because its performance isn’t in line with its extravagant price label. Now, Liverpool wanted another Benfica player, videlicet Fernandez who has a price label of 120 million euros.

O Jogo’s report wrote” One club that doesn’t rule out the possibility of subscribing Enzo Fernandez is Liverpool, be it in the short or medium term.”

” The midfielder has a release clause of€ 120 million. So, Liverpool have to spend a lot of plutocrat to transport him in the downtime transfer request,” wrote O Jogo.


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