After being sacked by Chelsea, Tuchel: Feels broken, thank you all | 77577sports
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After being sacked by Chelsea, Tuchel: Feels broken, thank you all | 77577sports

Thomas Tuchel finally opened his voice after Chelsea sacked him from the coaching chair earlier this season. The German tactician admitted that he was devastated to lose the opportunity to pursue a career at a club he was proud of. Chelsea officially sacked Tuchel on 7 September. The expulsion occurred after Chelsea lost 0-1 to Dinamo Zagreb.

After Chelsea fired him, Tuchel did not immediately respond to it. The German coach only spoke about a week after losing his position as team architect. Thomas Tuchel’s words in his upload on one of his social media accounts are very touching. Thomas Tuchel has expressed his deep sadness after accepting the decision to be sacked from Chelsea.

In a post via Twitter, Thomas Tuchel thanked Blues staff, players and fans for making him feel ‘very welcome from the start’.

“This is one of the most difficult statements I have ever written. I wish I would never be treated like this for years. I’m devastated that my time at Chelsea has ended. Thank you so much to all the staff, players and supporters who made I felt very welcome from the start,” Tuchel told the Liverpool Echo.

“Chelsea is a club where I feel right at home, both professionally and personally. The pride and joy I feel while helping the team win the Champions League and Club World Cup will stay with me forever. I am honored to have been part of the club’s history This and the memories of the last 19 months will have a special place in my heart.” he added.

Tuchel honed his Chelsea star for 19 months. Tuchel’s career at Chelsea giants started from January 2021 to September 2022. In the first season of his debut, Tuchel immediately gave the 2020-2022 Champions League title to his proud club. In addition, Tuchel also led Chelsea to win the European Super Cup and Club World Cup. After sacking Tuchel, the position he left was soon vacant. The Blues management recruited Graham Potter from Brighton & Hove Albion on a five-year contract.

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