Accused of Being Racist on The Green Field, what is The Fate of Jordan Hederson
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Accused of Being Racist on The Green Field, what is The Fate of Jordan Hederson

Accused of Being Racist on The Green Field, what is The Fate of Jordan Hederson?

The match between Liverpool VS Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium (09/10) ended with a score of 2-3. The hosts managed to win and secure a ticket for the next match. During the match, the Reds captain and the Gunners centre-back Gabriel had an argument.

According to reports, Jordan Hederson said racist words to Gabriel during extra time. It was revealed when Gabriel looked emotional. Of course, his comrades also had time to hold back their emotions. There was no prolonged physical contact and commotion between Hederson and Gabriel. However, it was clear that the Gunners defender was annoyed with his opponent.

After the match, accusations of Hederson being racist towards Gabriel were widespread on social media. Many assume that Hederson was right to say racist things to Gabriel. Hederson is a captain and not an exemplary leader who likes to swear harshly.

The incident stole a lot of public attention, especially football lovers. The Football Association will soon open an investigation into the case. Liverpool captain will be subject to severe sanctions, if later proven to have committed acts of racism. Acts of racism in football or in various activities in life is certainly a cursed act.

The treatment of racism in football and in various activities in life is certainly not a commendable act. FIFA and UEFA strongly oppose racist behavior. Of course, if there are racist acts, they will give severe sanctions to players.

Jordan Hederson Gets Sanctioned After Saying Racist

UEFA imposed sanctions, namely not giving permission to take part in 10 matches. Jordan Henderson is likely to receive the sanctions if found guilty. UEFA wrote on its official website, the points governing sanctions against football players. If those who are proven to have committed racist activities.

“Every football player, from players, coaches, officials to referees is a subject that can be punished by UEFA. If they commit acts of humiliation, ranging from skin color, religion, race, or ethnicity. Matches for a minimum of 10 matches.”

Based on these points, Jordan Henderson is probably safe to miss the Liverpool match. If found guilty of racism and certainly must receive sanctions.


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