Abandoning the crit equipment, the descendant “Lightning Flow” rises.
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Abandoning the crit equipment, the descendant “Lightning Flow” rises.

Abandoning the crit equipment, the descendant "Lightning Flow" rises.

Descendants is a classic shooter of Glory of Kings. After Di Renjie, he is the second shooter whose basic attack is recognized as smooth. With the addition of the passive punishment arrow, if the basic attack hits the enemy 3 times in a row, it will split into three arrows to attack the enemy. , During the period, the attack speed increased by 15%, and the damage increased by 20%. With a skill, all arrows will automatically chase the enemy, holding a bow and arrow, and the attack range is larger than imagined.

The descendant mechanism does not have any displacement. The second skill is only a short-term control. The flying bird of the big move can be controlled on the whole map, which is suitable for long-distance teaming. As a stand-up shooter, moving is his way of survival, only basic attack, in case of stunted growth, insufficient output, no matter how many arrows he shoots in team battles, he is just scraping for the whole team. One move kills.

Lightning stream set introduction

The mechanism doesn’t have much advantage, only relying on equipment to maximize the passive and first skills, and hit the basic attack with the highest damage. Previously, the descendants of players worshiped the crit equipment. In order to achieve burst damage in team battles, the basic attack can be used to kill in seconds. Realm, the actual crit style has long been eliminated, and the electric knife has been revised. Now the “lightning style” is the best outfit for the descendants. It is equipped with an extra one to suck more blood, and there is no upper limit to the output of team battles.

The suits tailor-made by the great god for the descendants are attack speed shoes, electric knife, endless blade, sun-riding bow and dawn. The attack speed shoes can give the shooter an advantage in the early stage, superimposed passive, and cooperate with a skill to pass the soldier line To suppress the opponent, the second skill is used to consume the enemy. With this style of play, the displacement of the line descendants will definitely not be worse than that of Gongsunli.

Electric knife as core equipment

As for the electric knife , it must be the core equipment. Although it loses the critical strike damage bonus after the revision, and the magic ball flow is only 50%, the attack speed provided is very impressive. The second piece of equipment is the electric knife. Its high movement speed and Attack speed, increase the output ability of the descendants as soon as possible, so that the movement is smooth. The key point is that the required gold coins are lower than that of the shadow blade, which speeds up the formation of equipment, and the attributes are more suitable for the passive of the descendants.

The next item is the Infinity Blade, which provides attack power and critical strike damage bonus. It is another core equipment. With the attack speed and movement speed brought by the electric knife, it is easier to trigger a critical strike with one skill. With attack speed, movement speed, and crit, the rest is of course the blood-sucking knife. With this equipment, the survival rate is greatly improved. The arrow splits to return blood from multiple targets. Fight to protect yourself.

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