A-League Men – Australian Football Association Freezes Tickets for Melbourne Victory Match
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A-League Men – Australian Football Association Freezes Tickets for Melbourne Victory Match

In the A-League Men , in the match between Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City last week, because Melbourne Victory fans rushed into the field for no reason, the goal kick match was forced to be cancelled, so the Australian Football Association will punish the fans, that is, freezing Tickets for the Melbourne Victory match.

In the match between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory, Melbourne City scored in the 20 minutes of the first half to lead 1-0. At this time, fans from Melbourne Victory broke into the field, and then used metal barrels to attack the goalkeeper of Melbourne City. The goalkeeper was bleeding profusely and had to leave the field.

Now the Australian Football Association has released a statement saying that from 11am on Friday, they will freeze tickets for the Melbourne Victory match in Victoria. Except for valid club members who have previously purchased tickets to watch this event. However, Melbourne Victory will bear all refund costs itself. During the penalty against Melbourne Victory, only members of the opposing team and fans were allowed to watch the game.

The chief executive of the Australian Football Association stated that they will continue to conduct a thorough investigation of the scene of the riot. At present, the Australian Football Association has punished Melbourne Victory.

Melbourne Victory has no objection to the punishment given by the Australian Football Association. It will abide by the sanctions and continue to play. They also stated that they do not agree with violent and aggressive behavior in the game.


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