5 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time
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5 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

5 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

Shoes are one of the important accessories in playing basketball. Not only that, there are several important effects that must be considered. One of them, shock absorber technology when the bases do a lot of pounding.

Good basketball shoes must also make it easier for the bases to rub on the court so that the player doesn’t fall fluently. Especially when doing pivots or spinning moves to deceive the opponent. Of course, the more precious the price, the better the quality of basketball shoes.

List of the most expensive basketball shoes of all time:

  1. Air Jordan 11′ Space Jam’ Sample

These Air Jordan shoes are specifically for the notorious basketball star, Michael Jordan. In the timber of the film Space Jam also used these shoes. The reason is, there’s only one brace of these shoes in the world. When transaction company Sotheby’s auctioned these shoes last time, the loftiest price reached USD,400 or original to Rp.2.6 billion.

  1. Michael Jordan Olympic Converse

previous to using the Air Jordan, Converse was Michael Jordan’s flagship shoe since council. These shoes had helped him score 20 points for the United States who were facing Spain at the 1984 Olympics. also that match was also Jordan’s last professional match in lurkers. These shoes were vended at transaction at a price of USD,373 or original to Rp.2.8 billion.

  1. Nike Air Jordan 1

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular shoes for basketball suckers. This makes the shoes snappily run out on the request and have a fairly high price. Michael Jordan formerly wore these shoes and inked them. These shoes were vended at a price that incontinently broke the record of USD,000 or around Rp.8.3 billion.

  1. Nike Air Jordan 1 High Lurkers

These shoes are the rarest of the rarest. A brace of his shoes entered the transaction company in 2020 and vended for$,000. Jordan noway used these shoes in the US match against Italy in 1985 agone . Now in the guardianship of Italy’s public basketball platoon captain Gianni Bertolitti who asked Jordan for the shoes after the game.

  1. Michael Jordan Nike Air vessels

Transaction company Sotheby’s vended Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Ship shoes at a fantastic price in 1984. When dealing the shoes, the price went up to USD1.47 million bones , original to21.9 billion rupiah. This shoe came the most precious transaction item, and the most precious shoe ever worn in an NBA game. At that time, Jordan wore it in his fifth novitiate season while taking the time to subscribe it

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