5 Mainstay Footballers Absent at the 2022 AFF Cup
AFF Cup players

5 Mainstay Footballers Absent at the 2022 AFF Cup

This article will discuss some of the star footballers who were not present at the 2022 AFF Cup. Tuesday 20 December, the 2022 AFF Cup will take place.

To compete for the title in the most prestigious soccer tournament in Southeast Asia, a number of teams are working hard to form the strongest team.

Even so, there are a number of countries that have not fielded their best players to compete in the 2022 AFF Cup due to various factors. Who are the real top players who didn’t take part in the 2022 AFF Cup?

Footballers who missed the 2022 AFF Cup

5. Chanathip Songkrasin (Thailand)

Chanatip Songkrasin is one of Thailand’s mainstay players. This 29-year-old attacking midfielder proved to be a nightmare for the Indonesian national team when they competed in the 2020 AFF Cup.

After losing in the first leg of the AFF Cup final to Thailand with a score of 4-0 which took place in Thailand. Chanathip Songkrasin succeeded in destroying the mentality of the Garudah squad. However, it is reported that Chanathip Songkrasin will not attend this time.

The most important factor is that this Kawasaki Frontale player needs additional rest. Because, up until this point, he had covered his wounds.

4. Ikhsan Fandi (Singapore)

Then there is Ikhsan Fandi who is considered to be one of the strengths of the Singapore National Team. Ikhsan Fandi has always been a mainstay because subscriptions are in the highest scoring category in Singapore.

Ikhsan Fandi will not be able to represent his country in the 2022 AFF Cup due to conflicts with other commitments. The reason is, according to the latest news, the player who is now 23 years old is currently injured, this is the reason. This caused Ikhsan Fandi’s defense preparations to Singapore to be disrupted.

3. Dion Is a Cool Cat (Malaysia)

Dion Cools and Elkan Baggott will be one of the pillars that the Malaysian National Team will miss after his departure. The 26-year-old defender who plays for FK Jablonec will not take part in the 2022 AFF Cup. Because he still has to help his club finish at the top of the Czech Republic League standings.

The loss of Dion Cools, to a greater or lesser extent, scaled up the Malaysian defensive line. In addition, Dion Cools had to be present to meet the prerequisites for European experience.

Indonesian Official Representative

5 Mainstay Footballers Absent at the 2022 AFF Cup
Elkan and Sandy Walsh are absent from the Indonesian national team, Vietnamese media highlight STY’s decision regarding this striker

2. Elkan Baggott (Indonesia)

Then there is the tough defender of the Indonesian national team, Elkan Baggott. Shin Tae-yong must find a way to replace Elkan Baggott during the 2022 AFF Cup.

The reason is, the Gillingham FC club still needs his services on British soil. On the other hand, the Garuda squad actually has a number of players who are ready to replace Elkan Baggott in his position. Muhammad Ferrari, the Indonesian national team defender is currently in a slump and is one of those players.

1. Sandy Walsh (Indonesia)

Apart from Elkan Baggott, the Indonesian national team will not benefit from the addition of one of their naturalized players, namely Sandy Walsh. This would be a disappointing development. Because the 27-year-old player had to return to Belgium to play for KV Mechelen.

The reason is, Indonesian football fans are looking forward to his work. In addition, Sandy Walsh is a player who has just been naturalized as an Indonesian citizen with Jordi Amat.

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