5 Debut Players Predicted to Appear Nicely in the 2022 AFF Cup Number 1 Jordi Amat
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5 Debut Players Predicted to Appear Nicely in the 2022 AFF Cup Number 1 Jordi Amat

In this article, we will see how Jordi Amat was able to perform brilliantly at the 2022 AFF Cup. Not only Jordi Amat, a number of debutants also enlivened the 2022 AFF Cup.
The 2022 AFF Cup has already taken place and the Indonesian national team is currently competing in Group A. Indonesia is joined by Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam and Cambodia. Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos. Meanwhile, Myanmar and Singapore are in Group B.
Later in the 2022 AFF Cup, there will be several beginner players who can play very wlll. Find out more about these players by reading the reviews below.

Debutants Playing in the 2022 AFF Cup

5. Lee Tuk
5 Debut Players Predicted to Appear Nicely in the 2022 AFF Cup Number 1 Jordi Amat
Lee Tuck, member of the Malaysian national team. He is a player who is at the top of the list of first-time contenders who performed very well in the 2022 AFF Cup. Lee Tuck is a player who is in the team and plays in the attacking midfield position.
This British-born player is included in the Malaysian National Team squad after having a career in the Malaysia League since 2017. It is true that he spent a lot of time in Thailand and became famous there.
But he made a decision in his heart to represent Malaysia. Now he is working to bring the 2022 AFF Cup to Malaysia for the team nicknamed Harimau Malaya.
4.Pham Tuan Hai
The next striker is Pham Tuan Hai who plays for the Vietnam national team. Pham Tuan Hai is a Vietnamese player who has only played seven times for the senior team.
However, Vietnam’s opponents should be wary of the 24-year-old player. This is due to the fact that he has put up incredible numbers with Hanoi FC so far this season.
In 29 matches, Pham Tuan Hai has scored 13 goals and four assists for a total of 25 points. Of course, the results of this performance will make Vietnam’s attack line even sharper.

3. Channarong Promsrikaew

Next up is Channarong Promsrikaew, who is appearing for the first time with the Thai national team. Channarong is a young player who is currently included in the Thailand squad for the 2022 AFF Cup.
This year he played for the Thai senior team for the first time. He has scored one goal in a total of four games for the team.
More impressively, Channarong was able to play professionally in Europe during the previous season. Given his previous experience, it is inconceivable that Channarong will attract attention at the 2022 AFF Cup.

It is estimated that Jordi Amat will perform very well

2. Jefferson Tabinas
Player of Filipino descent named Jefferson Tabinas is currently in second place. As we know, the Philippine national team has many players with ancestors who came from other countries.
On the other hand, there is one player of descent named Jefferson Tabinas who will be the center of attention at the 2022 AFF Cup. Jefferson is a Ghanaian-Filipino center back who also has Filipino ancestry.
Currently, Jefferson is climbing his career by playing in the second division of the Japanese league. He provided cover for Mito HollyHock and provided assistance to Kawasaki Frontale.
1. Jordy Amat
5 Debut Players Predicted to Appear Nicely in the 2022 AFF Cup Number 1 Jordi Amat
Jordi Amat, our ultimate player, is a member of the Indonesian national team and has Indonesian ancestry. Fans expect Jordi Amat to focus a lot of attention during the 2022 AFF Cup.
It would be impossible for me not to notice him given his extensive playing experience in the English and Spanish leagues. His naturalization process in releasing his Spanish passport and strengthening the Indonesian national team has been completed.
Amat played the role of defender for Shin Tae-yong and will play an important role in the future. He is currently working in the Malaysia League with Johor Darul Ta’zim.

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