4 Causes of Chelsea’s Defeat Vs Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League | 77577sports
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4 Causes of Chelsea’s Defeat Vs Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League | 77577sports

In the inaugural match of the 2022/2023 Champions League Group E at the Maksimir Stadium, Dinamo Zagreb had full control of the match against Chelsea. The Croatian player, Mislav Orsic scored the only goal against the Blues in the 13th minute which became Dinamo Zagreb’s 1-0 victory.

Thomas Tuchel’s team actually appeared dominant with very good ball possession, but unfortunately, the Blues players always found it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities that existed, as evidenced throughout the 90 minutes of the match, they only had three shots against Dinamo Zagreb.

So who was the source of the problem from the Chelsea club in that match? Quoted from Sofascore, the following coil presents the information.

1. Raheem Sterling

Chelsea’s defeat against Dinamo Zagreb, many thought Raheem Sterling was one of the causes. The match has lasted for 75 minutes but the player who plays as a winger did not create a single chance.

Since only two times Sterling has won a duel, the rest have always lost.Thomas Tuchel who had high hopes for him was lost. Because the English player always fails to penetrate the heart of Dinamo Zagreb’s defense. Seeing his performance this time, it’s only natural that Sterling was only given a 6.4 rating in this match.

2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Early debut with Chelsea, was not as beautiful as imagined. The reason is, one of the reasons for the Blues’ defeat was Aubameyang’s less than optimal appearance. As the spearhead, Aubameyang really lacked a touch in this match. Only 20 times has he got the ball, that’s also seven times the 33-year-old has lost the ball.

Tuchel finally pulled out Aubameyang in the 59th minute. The Blues coach also replaced Aubameyang with Armando Broja. Looking at Aubameyang’s performance, it is only given a rating of 6.6 only.

3. Armando Broja

Just came on in the second half to replace Aubameyang, very disappointing. Initially Tuchel hoped Armando Broja could bring fresh air to Chelsea after Aubameyang’s poor performance, but it turned out to be the same.

The Albanian striker had minimal chances and only touched the ball 10 times. That’s also Broja had to release the ball up to three times. As a result, he only pinned a fairly low rating of 6.5.

4. Christian Pulisic

Another substitute who did not meet Tuchel’s expectations in this match was Christian Pulisic. Because as an attacker he could not in the slightest threaten the opponent’s defense.

Only 11 times he had the ball and only 5 times he could pass well to his partner. Pulisic only had one shot, but unfortunately it also missed the goal. So it is appropriate that Pulisic only received a 6.5 rating in this match.

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