24-year-old midfielder Pulisic reportedly wants to leave for Leeds United
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24-year-old midfielder Pulisic reportedly wants to leave for Leeds United

According to the latest revelations in the transfer window, 24-year-old midfielder Christian Pulisic is preparing to leave the Premier League Chelsea at the end of the season, while rival Premier League Leeds United are planning to acquire the American midfielder’s services.

Get out of the predicament for a starting position

Pulisic joined Chelsea from Bundesliga Dortmund for €64 million in the winter transfer window of 2019, but sadly the American midfielder did not perform well at Chelsea, so he fell into football. career bottleneck.

Pulisic has started just three Premier League and Champions League games this season, and his unstable position at Chelsea has forced him to leave the team in search of other teams that can revive his football career.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marcy is keen to sign him, and if Marcy can guarantee to give him more playing opportunities and consolidate his starting position, this will attract the United States international to join.

The battle with Newcastle United may be the reason for financial failure

It is worth mentioning that Leeds United still needs to fight against the competition from the Premier League Newcastle United, because Newcastle United are also interested in the introduction of Pulisic, and Newcastle United is currently the most financially rich club. The player’s asking price demand, I believe Leeds United will be the loser of this transfer battle.

In addition, compared with Leeds United, Newcastle United has greater ambitions and goals, that is, the prospect of playing in Europe, which is likely to attract Pulisic to join.

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