2022 FIBA Women’s Asian Championship U18: Indonesia Swallows Bitter Pills | 77577 sports
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2022 FIBA Women’s Asian Championship U18: Indonesia Swallows Bitter Pills | 77577 sports

The Indonesian U-18 Women’s National Basketball Team again swallowed a bitter pill when participating in the 2022 FIBA U-18 Women’s Asian Championship Division A. Indonesia lost to the Chinese team. The Chinese team managed to seize Indonesia with a 91-30 victory score. However, the struggle for the Indonesian U-18 Women’s Basketball National Team did not stop here. Next they will compete against Japan.

Andre Yuwadi’s children again had to accept the defeat of the Japanese team that competed in Sree Kanteerava. In the match against Japan, the U-18 basketball national team experienced difficulties since the first quarter. The woman from Tangerang, Vanissa Renata Siregar, was only able to score two points. In the second quarter, Indonesia’s appearance did not change much, which made Japan able to widen the distance to 58-8.

After the first round, the U-18 basketball national team managed to break into Japan’s defense, so that Indonesia was able to catch up with them. However, Indonesia’s performance did not last until the last quarter, namely the defeat of the U-18 national basketball team.

Indonesia’s defeat from Japan made the Red and White Heroes slump to the bottom of the standings. Andre Yuwadi’s team will be the final match of the 2022 FIBA U-18 Women’s Asian Championship Division A against Taiwan.

The U-18 National Basketball Team match against Taiwan which took place at the Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, managed to end Indonesia’s adventure in the FIBA U-18 Women’s Asian Championship, Division A. Vanissa Renata Siregar and the team had to swallow another bitter pill. In this match, the U-18 basketball national team failed to anticipate the transition from defense to attack.

The Taiwan team also took advantage of this golden opportunity to gain points. Mei-Li Chen’s caretaker easily did a “steal” which left Indonesia unquoted. In this match, Team Taiwan managed to do 20 steals.

Indonesian basketball players, namely Kartika Hatta Mahanani, Nathania Nicole Sasongko and Angelica Jennifer Candra each finished by scoring four points. Meanwhile, from the Taiwan side, their two champions, Yu Wen Hsiao and Jing En Mi, seemed to dominate the match strongly in the paint area. Yu finished with 18 points, while Jing added ten points. Taiwan’s victory over the Srikandi Merah Putih bag temporarily gave them an opportunity to advance to the next round after picking up five points from two wins and one defeat.

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