2022 AFF Cup Brunei vs Indonesia: Indonesian National Team Wins 7-0, Brunei Records Embarrassing Record
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2022 AFF Cup Brunei vs Indonesia: Indonesian National Team Wins 7-0, Brunei Records Embarrassing Record

The Brunei vs Indonesia match in Group A of the 2022 AFF Cup was very meaningful for the three Garuda squads that took part. Because of that, they succeeded in presenting the first goal for the Red and White team.

Following the victory of the Indonesian national team, Brunei Darussalam left a number of bad records. The Garuda team successfully defeated the Brunei team at the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Stadium, Monday (26/12/2022). The Brunei vs Indonesia match resulted in a 7-0 win for Team Garuda.

Syahrian Abimanyu (20′) and Dendy Sulistyawan (41′) got the Garuda team off to a good start by scoring goals respectively. When the second half started, Shin Tae-yong’s team really went crazy. At least, the Garuda troops scored an additional five goals in their victory.

These goals were each scored by Ilija Spasojevic, Ramadhan Sananta, Marc Klok and Yakob Sayuri. As a result of this embarrassing defeat, Brunei Darussalam had to work extra hard to win the 2022 AFF Cup.

The First Time They Lost Three Games In A Row

The 1996 Tiger Cup was the last time Brunei Darussalam competed in this competition. Group B consisted of them with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines when that happened.

At that time, the Hornets lost their first two games in a row. Where Singapore and Thailand managed to beat them without reply.

On the other hand, Brunei managed to get up in the third match. They won over the Philippines by winning one goal, thanks to the contribution of Irwan Mohamad to score.

In the championship game, the Malaysian national team beat them 6-0 which caused them to finally bite their fingers again. This record is actually still superior to Brunei Darussalam’s achievement when it returned to competing in this competition 26 years ago.

Because during this year’s competition, they had actually received three consecutive losses. The Hornets now have two chances to compete in this tournament. And both ended with a less than optimal record.

More Severe Number of Conceded

The performance of the Brunei Darussalam National Team this year was far worse than the previous year’s edition. Where to compare with the edition in 1996. Especially in terms of the number of goals they conceded.

In the 3 matches they have played, the Brunei National Team has conceded 17 goals. In the matches against Thailand (0-5 score) and the Philippines (1-5 score). Meanwhile, the Indonesian national team lost with a total of seven goals (0-7).

There is still a chance that the number of goals conceded by Mario Rivera’s men can increase again in the final game. This record, of course, has the potential to be much worse than the record in 1996. When they only conceded 15 goals in four matches.

The composition of the Brunei vs Indonesia players

2022 AFF Cup Brunei vs Indonesia: Indonesian National Team Wins 7-0, Brunei Records Embarrassing Record

In this game, the head coach of the Indonesian National Team, Shin Tae-yong, used a rotation strategy. He changed eight different team compositions from those who had served Cambodia in previous games.

The following is a list of Bruneian players who will compete against Indonesian players in the 2022 AFF Cup:

Brunei: Haimie Abdullah Nyaring, Alinur Jufri, Khairil Suhaimi, Hanif Hamir, Wafi Aminuddin, Shafie Efenddy, Hakeme Yazid, Naziruddin Ismail, Tarif Najib, Hendra Idris, Abdul Azizi Rahman

Indonesia: Nadeo Argawinata; Asnawi Mangkualam, Rizky Ridho, Hansamu Yama, Edo Febriansah; Rachmat Irianto, Syahrian Abimanyu, Saddil Ramdani; Dendy Sulistyawan, Ilija Spasojevic, Egy Maulana Vikri.

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