The 2022 Esports President’s Cup Final will be held at Istora Senayan | 77577sports
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The 2022 Esports President’s Cup Final will be held at Istora Senayan | 77577sports

The highlight of the 2022 Esports President Cup event will take place offline. Where the 2022 Esports Cup grand final will take place at Istora Senayan, coming November.

The 2022 Esports President's Cup Final will be held at Istora Senayan

The Esports President’s Cup has indeed been held for the last four times. Still, last time, the peak of the Esports President Cup event wasn’t felt because it took place during the Covid- 19 epidemic situation.
Now that the epidemic has started to subside, this time’s top party for the President’s Esports Cup is listed to take place offline. Matthew Erlangga as Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 Presidential Esports Cup said that this crown had been running since last August 10. The final party will be held at Istora Senayan on November 11- 13.

” The 2022 Esports Presidential Cup has been held since August 10 at kick- off,” said Matthew at a press conference at the Djakarta Theatre.
” The grand final will be held on November 11- 13 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. For moment’s games there are Lokapala, Battle of Satria Dewa, Mobile Legends, and Free Fire,” he continued.

Different Touch

Matthew added that the 2022 Esports President’s Cup will also be given a different donation compared to the crowns in former times.

” What’s certain this time is that we will be doing the President’s Cup offline again.”
” We’ve had the occasion to hold the President’s Cup since 2019. You can feel how the offline event is an extraordinary moment,” said Matthew.

likewise, Matthew ensures that the touch lost due to the epidemic will be present again. One of them is the presence of the followership.

” Indeed, when last time with the epidemic conditions had to be held online, commodity was lost. Of course there were no observers, no enthusiasm was felt, the pressure was different,” he explained.

Original Games

In addition, Matthew explained, just like the former time. This time’s 2022 Esports President Cup also competes with original games. Where the original game is Battle of Satria Dewa and Lokapala. They want to equate the norms of original esports games and transnational esports games.

” We hope that games made by domestic inventors can also be played abroad, not only in Indonesia, so we must equate the norms,” concluded Matthew.


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