◤FIFA World Cup in Qatar◢ Sergio Agüero being trolled as “Shameless 22 Pro Max” for his full-kitted Argentina trophy lifting and cigar smoking clout chasing antics..
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◤FIFA World Cup in Qatar◢ Sergio Agüero being trolled as “Shameless 22 Pro Max” for his full-kitted Argentina trophy lifting and cigar smoking clout chasing antics..

Manchester City’s legendary former Argentina international center forward Sergio Agüero was severely criticized by many fans around the world on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform for his shameless clout chasing antics in insisting on entering the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar trophy presentation ceremony of his country’s national team while being full-kitted.  





Argentina recently won the World Cup in Qatar after a penalty shootout at the Lusail Stadium. It was the first time that Argentina had won the World Cup after 36 years. At that time, after the whistle had just blown, pictures had already shown Agüero, who had already changed and fully-kitted with the team’s home jersey with the name and no. 19 of his former teammate, currently active center back Nicolás Otamendi, excitedly rushed onto the pitch from the stands with a big drum on his chest and gathered with the group of national team.


Later, he ran to the podium, kisses and raised the World Cup trophy excitedly while the players urged him. After piggy-backing Leo Messi to go for a lap of honour, and followed the team back to the locker room to celebrate winning the championship, he even posted a photo of himself hugging the World Cup trophy while smoking a cigar on his personal Instagram social account.


Not long after, he even mocked the France wonderkid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga as a d***head on live broadcast, and mocked Kylian Mbappé as a kid who won’t be able to catch up to him even drinking his milk for no reason when he got onto the team’s championship parade bus after returning to Argentina.


In view that his series of behaviours had became more and more out of order, many fans around the world who could no bear it anymore criticized Agüero’s antics through various social platforms. Some fans also believed that since Sergio Agüero was not even an official member of the Argentina national team, it would have been wrong for him to clout chasing with the team’s trophy-lifting ceremony like another famous Internet celebrity Saltbae who also got into trouble for similar reasons, and that they also thought it is true that Agüero had shamelessly caused so much embarrassment just because he had been overly too excited.


As the controversy grew, a creative fan even took a photo of Agüero happily holding the World Cup on the podium, used the official colours of the Argentina national team’s home jersey, blue and white, and imitated Apple’s advertising by photoshopping it with the accompanying text which read “Shameless 22 Pro Max”, they had even changed the Apple logo and name into a picture of Agüero smoking his cigar and La Albiceleste (the nickname of the Argentina national team), in an act of trolling which is clear for all to see!


The 34-year-old Agüero, was Manchester City‘s main center forward from 2011 to 2021, scoring 260 goals for the club and is well-known as the top scorer in the Cityzen’s club history.


During this period, he also led the club to 5 Premier League titles, 6 League Cup titles, 2 Community Shield titles, 1 FA Cup title and became a legend of Manchester City. After his contract expired in the summer of 2021, Agüero joined Barcelona on a free transfer, but was forced to retire in December of the same year on the advice of a doctor due to a cardiac arrhythmia.


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